The Impact of Corporate Garden on Employee Well Being

What are Corporate Gardens?

A corporate garden is a designated green space within a corporate or office setting designed and maintained either by the organization or by an outsourced Facility Management Provider. The main purpose of it is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office building and  provide a space for employees to relax.

This concept of having a green space in office premises have been prospering a lot in the recent years, with many companies recognizing the benefits of having green spaces in their workplaces. These gardens can take many forms, from small indoor plants to large outdoor gardens, and can provide a range of benefits for employees.

Corporate gardens are typically designed to create a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Walkways are often installed to guide visitors through the space, and benches are placed for relaxation and reflection. Fountains or small ponds are included to create a calming atmosphere and provide a focal point for the garden.

Corporate gardens can be found in various locations such as rooftops, patios, atriums, and parking lots, offering numerous benefits to both employees and businesses.

But why these companies are investing so much on Corporate Gardening? 

Let’s discuss the same further –

Benefits of Having Garden at your Workplace -

1) Stress Reduction & Productivity Improvement

Studies have shown that exposure to nature can positively impact your wellbeing and mental health. Spending some time around greenery can reduce your stress levels, lift your mood and make you more relaxed. It is a space to where your Employees can recharge, ultimately leading towards more productivity and job satisfaction. Being around nature can make your Employees daily mundane lives happier and productive.

2) Act as a Social Hub for your Team Bonding Sessions

After spending so much time on the laptop, separated from the others , your team needs a space for socializing. Such Corporate garden space can be your Employees’ social hub during lunch hours or can act as a space for various team activities. It’s a boon for your HR team who need to plan Employee Engagement activities for the team. This positively impacts trust and teamwork, which benefits any organization.

3) Great Space for Boosting Creativity & Better Ideas

If you ever found yourself facing a creative block and without any better ideas, studies have found that employees who work in environments with natural elements, such as plants, are known to boost creativity.

4) Improved Air Quality
This is especially important for people living in metro cities, with AQI levels rising with such higher levels, we all need a space where we can breathe, and surrounding yourself with plants definitely provides you with a buffer against the rising level of pollutants outside.

5) Provides an aesthetic appeal

The most obvious benefit is, of course, the aesthetic upgrade you will be getting with so many green elements, these are soothing for your eyes and make your professional office environment more warm and welcoming!

6) Reduces Background Noises – 

With more open-plan offices than ever, the number of distractions for your team makes it almost impossible to complete the most basic tasks. Adding an interior plant design to your office helps to absorb some of the noise and create a calmer working environment. It’s a good solution for any space with exposed concrete floors and walls. You’ll want to place larger plants around the space to experience this benefit. Most importantly, you’ll want to create a place where your employees enjoy working daily.

Overall, a corporate garden is one of the best investments any company could make for its employees. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to interior planting design, our team can help. Our Horticulture team can work within your current office setup to create the best landscaping or plant scaping designs that will offer all the benefits we shared above.

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