Contractual Hiring

Meaning and Importance of Contractual Hiring

Contractual Staffing has always been a prominent part of Indian Industry in various shapes and forms. India’s post-independence saw a rapid surge in labour requirement. The work used to be project oriented and most of the people used to move from one construction site to the other in search of employment. Then, as more MNCs entered India, contractual staffing spread its wings in other functions like IT, Support, Sales, HR and other functions as well. In 2020, with the COVID disruption accelerated the demand of contractual manpower and will continue to do so in the future.

What is Contractual Hiring?

Contractual Hiring is when an employee is hired for a short-term position for a set period of time, with the possibility of being brought on as a full-time, direct employee at the end of the contract.  

Apart from this, we also have independent contractors or consultants, who are self-employed. In most of the cases, a contractual employee is still under contract to work for a company, but is technically employed by the staffing agency that recruited them.

Why most Companies are going for Contractual Hiring?

  • Flexibility  In this competitive time, most companies are always on experimental stage to meet the demand of the market. Means more hiring for flexible skills which may or may not be of use to the company in the long haul. Option to hire on contract can be a boon for companies in such scenarios.
  • COVID Recovery – Although there was always a demand for contract jobs, the Covid-19 pandemic has only escalated it. Many companies do not want to hire full time employee as their budget may not allow a full employee costing. They prefer to hire highly-skilled contractors for specific jobs to ensure continuous operations while also introducing superior flexibility.
  • Short Term Projects  – Contractual Hiring is perfect for a short term project – less investment , quick hiring and mostly ideal for niche skill sets.
  • No Worker & Salary Record Management – Contractual hiring mostly involves a staffing agency who overall manages the payroll, compliances and all documentation formalities, so company do not need to be investing manpower to manage all these things. If the hiring number is huge, it can save a lot of cost on the worker management.

How Eminence Manpower Solutions can help you out with that?

We are a leading service provider for contractual/permanent manpower solutions under various categories for skilled and semi-skilled manpower as per business requirements.

Some of the Highlights of Our Services – 

  • Trained & Professional Hiring
  • Worker & Salary Record Management
  • Tailor-Made & Cost Effective Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safe & Reliable
  • 24X7 Customer Service

If you are looking for permanent and contractual manpower, you can reach us at +91-9311955844 or mail us at

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