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Social Media for Recruitment | Tips & Resources for Every Recruiters

In this digital age, there is a very less chance that you have not adopted social media to share your personal or professional tidbits to some extent. And if you are a recruiter, most probably you are in some ways also using social media for recruitment.

But most people still fails to utilize this channel to its full potential and are unable to get good results compared to other channels.

So, today we are discussing how we can include social media in recruitment strategy. What should be our goal? How should we improve the results from social media channels?

Establish yourself online

Jobseekers judge you based on your online presence. And what better channel is there to influence that than social media!

Start with building a good reputation online. Create your company page on different social platforms first and see which one is working for you! Create good and consistent content with appropriate tags and images to your company’s social pages.(Check this article for more details)

Digital trends shows that there are 448 million social media users in India by January 2021 and a very large part of that, are millennials. So, you can see the potential reach of this channel.

Build a company culture! Your Company Brand is the biggest influencer for attracting Quality Candidates.

You just need to identify the right people out of all, which bring us to our next point –

Connect with right people

In the sea of so many users, it is very easy for you to get lost and unnoticed. So, you will need to make efforts to connect with the right people.

– Use the ‘filter’ option of every platform and start connecting with the right audience. These features are on almost every social platform. You can connect with people based on their industry, demographics, interests and other parameters. 

– But don’t just start directly inviting/adding people, try to make your invitation/message personalized with a professional note. That always creates a distinct impression on people and adds to your credibility. Use marketing automation tools for saving manual efforts.

– Use right hashtags to connect with the right audience. Try to include a mix of popular and not very popular hashtags on your page. Research for different keywords, this works in every social platform. See this article on how to use hashtags effectively for your social media marketing.

Utilize LinkedIn to its fullest for recruitment

LinkedIn is the most prominent professional network platform out there and attracts a lot of jobseekers. So, start with creating a good recruiter LinkedIn profile and engage on company page with jobseekers directly.

Use this platform to share more about your company. Invite your employees to include your company in their profile. Employee advocacy will help you to showcase the best of your workplace. Also show positive tidbits of your company like inside office, R&R activities, celebrations and achievements.

– You can specifically search for candidates as per their title, locations and industry using LinkedIn Search and Filter options.

– Join LinkedIn group and create and join groups and communities to help jobseekers. Not only for hiring but to engage with them regularly.

– Aside from all this, If you are willing to invest, LinkedIn Talent Solutions is another smart hiring solutions for Recruiters which helps you in engaging and connecting with right candidates with LinkedIn’s insightful algorithm.

Social Media Advertising

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Most of you probably know about LinkedIn job posting, but now Facebook also have a ‘Job section’ for the postings which you can advertise based on your budget. Paid ads are very useful for bringing right applications if you know how. So, always monitor your ROI and plan your budget accordingly.

These are just a few points to set the basis of social media in your recruitment strategy. So, start with this and then see what is best working for you or what not.

So, this is something you want to develop more , start with building a social media strategy .Checkout this tutorial for more guidelines here

Happy Hiring!

“Recruitment IS marketing. If you’re a recruiter nowadays and you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’re in the wrong profession.”
Matthew Jeffrey, Global head of sourcing and employment brand at SAP)

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